New Beginnings - The Colony on Mardrun

As the great war rages on Faedrun, sailors had returned from the east with tales of a new land, unexplored and ripe for the picking. This new continent was named Mardrun, and the governments set about gathering colonists and explorers to settle this new land. Old feuds were put aside for the time and soon the colony of Newhope was established.
The colonists soon realized they were not alone, The Ulven, a proud ad clan based people with strange eyes and fangs were the first to be encountered. Fights between the colonists and the Ulven were sparse but brutal and lasted until a Human hero challenged an Ulven Warleader to an honor duel.  The official account says the duel was a draw, but nearly everyone you ask has a different opinion. An uneasy peace was established and, with the Ulven’s help, Newhope grew strong.
Then came the Mordok. Savage, brutal, completely inhuman. This was the ancestral enemy of the Ulven, a race unlike anything the Humans and Syndar had ever seen. All attempts at negotiation failed, as the Ulven said they would, and it seemed the Mordok wished for nothing less than the total destruction of the new colony. Still there was hope. New shipments of people and supplies from Faedrun kept Newhope strong and other smaller towns were established.  With the Mordok as a common enemy, the Humans, Syndar, and Ulven banded together, stronger than ever. It seemed as though Newhope would live up to it’s name. As time wore on however, the steady stream of people and supplies from Faedrun slowed to a trickle and then, ceased altogether. With no real way to communicate with the Old World, the colonists feared the worst.

It has been several months now with no contact from Faedrun. Newhope is still strong and the many towns around it are growing.  Much of the old racial tensions have eased as Human, Syndar, and Ulven work together for survival. Most times it goes unsaid, but everyone knows in their hearts that this colony is no longer the new hope it was once thought to be, it is the last hope for their people. At least here, there are no Undead…

This is the beginning of the story of Last Hope that began in 2011 when our live action role play was formed.
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