The Races of Last Hope

Here you will find a list of the different races in Last Hope. Some races are not playable by standard players and are NPC roles only. Several have cosmetic or clothing requirements that must be followed in order to play that race.


"What does this one think of the Humans? They are smart, adaptable, hearty and prolific, all in all, true survivors. Of course, the same could be said of the rats in this one's basement."
Rinendiel Tirellion, Syndar Wizard

Humans are a playable race in both the Last Hope series and the Last Hope - The Old World event. There are no garb or cosmetic requirements for humans.

The Humans are by far the most abundant race in Last Hope. This is true even on Mardrun. The Syndar have a long gestation and the Ulven are scattered and it has been difficult to determine their true numbers. The Humans of Mardrun are a diverse and interesting  lot. They range from scholars and explorers looking for knowledge and adventure in the new land, to scoundrels and criminals either running from or sentenced by the law in Faedrun. Humans adapt and learn quickly, flourishing in any class they choose. The religions and politics of the humans are as diverse as they are, with very little holding true for the entire race, some even choose to believe there are no gods at all.

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"Do I like the Syndar? You mean all of them or just one particular one? They have a strong connection to nature and that’s good, well some of them do at least but… some of them can fight, umm …are you still here? Go find someone else to bother!"
Kragen Bloodmoon, Ulven Warleader

The Syndar are a playable race in both the Last Hope series and the Last Hope - The Old World event. The Syndar are required to wear pointed ears of any length and may have any skin color of their choosing. The Syndar should have clothing that is a bit more fantasy than the other races.

The Syndar are a Fae race, some say descendent from the Faeries and Nymphs of the forest themselves. The Syndar are as diverse as the humans with one exception, they all have pointed ears.  Their pigmentation can range from pale skin and fiery red hair to black skinned with silver hair and anywhere in between. Even the pointed ears they all share can vary wildly, long, short, even multiple points. Perhaps due to their lineage, the Syndar have a strong connection to the forces of magic and an unusually long lifespan. All Syndar have a strong sense of community and the flow of mana is important to them. The religion of the Syndar is more focused than the humans with most of them worshiping either Solar the God of the Sun, or Lunara the Goddess of the Moon, but a number of demigods are also reverred.

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"You want me to define the Ulven? Hmm, well, this is a race that bases much of their religion and culture on the slaughter of another intelligent race. However when their hunters kill a wild animal they ask it’s soul to forgive them. You define them if you want, I just try to do as little as possible that might anger them."
Finius Lancaster, Human Scholar

The Ulven are not a playable race in the Last Hope - The Old World event and are only playable in the standard Last Hope events. The Ulven are required to wear either elongated fangs and/or wolf or feral contact lenses.

The Ulven are one of the two races indigenous to Mardrun. The Ulven were considered demons by the first settlers due to their apearence and this led to several battles. Ulven religion centers around a nature Goddess named Gaia, with women they call Witches as the spiritual leaders. They also believe that when they die they must answer to The Great Wolf for their deeds in life. The People of the Wolf, or just the Pack, as they call themselves, are somewhat wolf like in appearance. With some this is just their eyes or fangs but with others it is both. Their style of dress is very reminiscent of Viking or Celt, and they are most definitely a clan oriented culture.

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"The Mordok are beasts. All we have known is war with them. I will soak these lands with their filthy blood before I meet the Great Wolf. We leave camp at dawn to hunt down a tribe of Mordok and will return with their heads."
Harlok Longfang, Ulven Warrior's last spoken words

The Mordok are not a playable race for standard players.

The Mordok are indigenous to Mardrun. The ancestral enemy of the Ulven, the Mordok are a bloodthirsty, tribal and barbaric race. They range from small tribes to entire organized communities with leaders and even some spiritual leaders. Very little is known about the Mordok; all attempts at communicating or learning the Mordok culture has ended in blood shed. Constantly at war with the Ulven, the Mordok are strong, resilient, and savage. It is unknown just how large the population of Mordok is on the continent of Mardrun.

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"We still do not know how the undead came to be on Faedrun. But our lands are at war. Our armies meet them with steel and our order fights them with faith. Our gods are with us and we must not fail."
Arynn Freysa - Human Cleric

The Undead are not playable for standard players.

The Undead are not a race but a mix of any intelligent creatures that have risen from the dead. There has been no true answers as to the origins of the dead but many theories exist. There are even stories from Faedrun that vast numbers of humans and Syndar willingly joined the Undead for religious reasons. If the mystery of the Undead has been discovered, it was lost on Faedrun during the war.

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