The Story and Background of Last Hope

Click on the sections below to read more information on the background and storyline of the Last Hope live action role play. Last Hope is played out in two different events; the standard Last Hope events and the large scale yearly event, Last Hope - The Old World.

The standard Last Hope live action role play will take place in the current story timeline on the continent of Mardrun. Players are either Human or Syndar colonists that have started a new life on a new continent or native Ulven as they try to create a living in a dangerous and foreign land.

There will be one annual large scale event called Last Hope - The Old World. This event takes place in the past on the original continent of Faedrun and details the Human and Syndar alliance fighting a desperate battle against a horrible plague of Undead. Players will be able to directly influence and make the history of the world of Last Hope by completing quests and winning (or losing!) battles in The Old World.

For a detailed look at the world of Last Hope, please visit our Wiki page for more info.


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