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The Goal of Last Hope

Last Hope started as a small idea; to run a small, low key, but high quality and realistic live action role play for a core group. As the ground work began to take shape and resources were gathered, the potential for something larger was realized.

The event organizers made it a goal to make the immersion and storytelling of our live action role play be the most important aspect of what they wanted to create. The LARP stepped away from the typical US LARP norm and went with more of the nordic/european style. Instead of making a "game" where players can level up, kill monsters and become super powerful, the players play survivors and development their characters through interaction and constant role play in a dangerous world. Even the most veteran fighter in the game can be defeated quickly in combat. This tone makes the players think about consequences of their actions and to appreciate the intensity of fights... people die when hit with weapons!

The Last Hope live action role play is definitely a more serious LARP with minimums for garb, a dark and gritty tone and setting, a more streamline and realistic combat system, and a magic system that is lower fantasy than other games. Monsters will look like monsters with full costumes and dedicated players; there will be no question when a Mordok or Undead is coming after you! This is a core aspect of our live action role play; to make it a believable and immserive experience.

If you are looking for a more serious LARP in the US that pays close attention to immersion and storytelling, then come check us out!


About the Staff & Company

Lupine Productions LLC is the business behind Last Hope and a number of other a combat sport and role playing events in south central Wisconsin.

Created back in 2005, the overall goal of the company was and always has been to create quality events for interested players in fun niche markets and genres.

Other events include the modern military airsoft event Operation Vigilance, the airsoft and boffer zombie action event Operation Plague and a heavy involvement with the coordinator of the live action role play based on Firefly/Serenity, Freefall.

Last Hope is run by a group of Heralds and dedicated Staff, along with a number of players that help make this game possible.

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