Welcome to the Last Hope Live Action Role Play!


Last Hope is a live action role play (LARP) that is hosted at locations throughout south central Wisconsin with one goal in mind; to bring role players together in an immersive, high quality and rich event with rules that are simple enough for anyone to learn and involved enough for veteran players.

Players can make characters and role play in a detailed and vibrant world of danger, mystery, and exploration. As a colonist starting over in a new land, will you work together and learn what this new world offers you? Or will you fight for power and forge your own path?

Whether you are experienced at LARPs or brand new, a combat character or not, Last Hope will have something for you.

The best way to stay in contact with our group and to be invited to events is to join our facebook group.
Click this link to request access to our facebook group.

We also have a forum that we discuss topics on and have links to upcoming events.
Click this link to access our forum and upcoming events list.




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