The Wars of the Past - The History of Faedrun

For many years peace reigned on the continent of Faedrun. There were minor skirmishes between the kingdoms of man and even between the Syndar and the humans occasionally, but true war was a thing of the past. Prosperity and contentment were the rule of the day, people free to live as they saw fit. The massive continent and its kingdoms and cities continued to grow. It is said however, that there is an end to all things, and this golden age would be no exception.
The sightings were few at first, whispered tales barely believed, of things that came in the night. Perhaps it was this unwillingness to believe that allowed the darkness to grow unhindered, perhaps it was inevitable, but by the time the humans and Syndar realized the magnitude of the threat they faced, it was too late. The Undead were spreading like a disease and it seemed as though nothing would be able to stop them. When one outbreak was met with sword and flame, another would emerge. Entire kingdoms were taxed with stopping the spread of Undead and there seemed to be no end in sight. When the lesser zombies began to be organized by more intelligent and malicious Undead, the entire continent was soon engulfed in all out war.

For a time the races blamed each other, the humans said the Syndar’s wanton use of magic was responsible, while the Syndar believed the human lack of reverence for the Old Gods was to blame. No one knows for sure even to this day. No matter the cause, the great kingdoms of Faedrun organized their armies and forged the Grand Alliance in an attempt to stop the Undead menace. A massive war erupted on the continent, engulfing entire kingdoms, as the great armies of each side battled for many years.

The kingdoms also had another plan; to send settlers across the great sea and settle on a newly discovered continent.

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